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  About the Journal

The Asian Journal of Pediatric Nephrology (AJPN) is the official journal of the Asian Pediatric Nephrology Association (AsPNA). The AsPNA aims to promote the science and art of Pediatric Nephrology in Asia with highest level of professional skills and ethics in clinical practice. The Journal has been launched to enhance camaraderie and cooperation among specialists in various member nations, and endeavors to represent Asia in various for a, including the International Pediatric Nephrology Association. The AJPN shall provide a platform for reporting clinical and research findings from Asian countries, which are often underrepresented in international reports. Through educational reviews and regionally relevant guidelines, the Journal shall provide recommendations for practice that are feasible for implementation across Asia. Initially proposed as an e-journal with 2-3 issues per year, we aim for a print version in few years.

The AJPN invites its readers to submit clinical and research findings for dissemination among peers in the specialty. Reporting of your findings provide pediatric nephrologists, across the world, an opportunity to learn from your experience. You may submit your findings as original article, systematic review or meta-analysis, case report or letter to the Editor. All manuscripts shall undergo a formal peer review process. More details and guidance on the submission process are available at Instructions for Authors 

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Information about the Asian Pediatric Nephrology Association is available at www.aspna-online.org

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  Scope of the journal

The journal will cover technical and clinical studies related to health, ethical and social issues in the field of epidemiology of renal disorders, clinical nephrology, hypertension and vasculitis, nephrourology, applied renal physiology, pharmacology, immunology and genetics, pediatric dialysis and transplantation, public health, and protocols in pediatric nephrology. Articles of clinical interest and those having implications in clinical practice will be preferred.

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Asian Journal of Pediatric Nephrology, a publication of Asian Pediatric Nephrology Association, is a peer-reviewed print + online Semimonthly journal.

APNA Announcements
  1. Primer in Pediatric Nephrology, Singapore

  2. Annual meeting Indian Society of Pediatric Nephrology, Hyderabad

Features of Manuscript Management System

  • Online submission
  • Wider visibility through open access
  • Higher impact
  • Prompt review